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Liczba postów : 214
Age : 32
Localisation : Z Dupy
Registration date : 20/04/2007

PisanieTemat: Pricez   Wto Maj 24, 2011 10:55 am

Rare Items List
Rare Weapons List
Hunters Mags Evolutions
All Mags List
Mag Calculator

5th Anniversary Blade: (15-20 PDs, added by samuraizero07)
Ancient Saber: 5 PDs
Commanders Blade: Unobtainable
DB’s Saber: 1 PD
DB’s Sword 3062: 1 PD
DB’s Sword 3064: 2 PDs
DB’s Sword 3067: 2 PDs
DB’s Sword 3069 (Chris): 2 PDs
DB’s Sword 3069 (Torato): 2 PDs
DB’s Sword 3070: 3 PDs
DB’s Sword 3073: 1 PD
DB’s Sword 3075: 3 PDs
DB’s Sword 3077: 2 PDs
Delsaber’s Buster: 3 PDs
Durandal: 1 PD
Elysion: (1 PD, added by shopshopshop)
Evil Curst: 100+ PDs
Flamberge: 5 PDs
Flower Bouquet: 2 PDs (unobtainable, question added by zephryl)
Galatine: (8PDs, added by DZLE, MegaManEXE)
GREAT boquet>_______>: (unobtainable, added by MA frikin NAVU >_____>)
Kaladbolg: 1 PD
Kusanagi: (1 PD, added by Zerosimon)
Laconium Axe: (5 PDs, added by crate3333)
Lame D’Argent / Excalibur: (45 PDs/55 PDs, added by LoneGunman, edited by night)
Lavis Cannon: 45 PDs
Racket: (5 PDs, added by zephryl)
Red Saber: (6 PDs, recommendation by MegaManExe)
Sting Tip: 1 PD
Victor Axe: 1 PD


Agito 1975 / Orotiagito: (15-25 PDs, added by LoneGunman, edited by Corey and Makur and Shopshopshop)
Agito 1977: 2 PDs
Agito 1980: 2 PDs
Agito 1983: 1 PD
Agito 1991: 1 PD
Agito 2001: 1 PD
Akiko’s Frying Pan: 3 PDs
Guren: (12 PDs, added by LoneGunman, edited by DZLE)
Harisen Battle Fan:
Kamui: 3 PDs
Raikiri: (70PDs, added by DZLE)
Sange: 8 PDs
Shichishito: (20-25 PDs, added by kingofthezyx)
Shouren: 7 PDs
Yamigarasu: 10 PDs
Yasha: (12 PDs, added by zephyrl)


Angry Fist: 1 PD
Brave Knuckle: 1 PD
God Hand: 5 PDs
Sacred Duster: 6 PDs
Sonic Knuckle: (10 PDs, added by ZeroSimon)


Booma's Claw: 1 PD
Dragon’s Claw: 1 PD
Gigobooma’s Claw: 1 PD
Gobooma’s Claw: 1 PD
Heart of Poumn: 10 PDs
Morning Glory: 5 PDs
Nei’s Claw (replica): 20 PDs
Nei’s Claw: (50-100 PDs added by LoneGunman, confirmed/supported by SAGEBOMB)
Panther’s Claw: 10 PDs
Phoenix Claw: 1 PD (modified by Ma_Navu)
Photon Claw: 1 PD
Rika’s Claw: 50 PDs
Silence Claw: 1 PD


Blade Dance: 1 PD
Bloody Art: 1 PD
Cross Scar: 1 PD
Daylight Scar: 8 PDs
Flapjack Flapper: 10 PDs
Lavis Blade: 105 PDs
Pan Arms’s Blade: 1 PDs
Red Dagger: 8 PDs
Sinow Beat’s Blade: 1 PD
Sinow Berill’s Hands #0: 5 PDs
Sinow Berill’s Hands #1: 25 PDs
Sinow Red’s Blade: (30-35 PDs, added by kingofthezyx)
Two Kamui: (80-120PDs, added by ZeroSimon)
Twin Chakram: 8 PDs
Wok of Akiko's shop: (8-10 PDs, added by Zero Simon, corrected by Ma_Navu)
Zero Divides: (15PDs, added by DZLE)


Akiko's Cleaver:
Chain Sawd: 15 PDs
Crazy Tune [IN CASINO]: (70-80 PDs, added by Zephryl)
Daisy Chain: (15-20 PDs, added by zephryl)
Dark Flow: (40 PDs added by DZLE)
Dragon Slayer: 1 PD
Flowen’s Sword: 1 PD
Flowen’s Sword 3060: 1 PD
Flowen’s Sword 3064: 1 PD
Flowen’s Sword 3067: 1 PD
Flowen’s Sword 3073: 5 PDs
Flowen’s Sword 3077: 5 PDs
Flowen’s Sword 3079: 1 PD
Flowen’s Sword 3082: 2 PDs
Flowen’s Sword 3083: 3 PDs
Flowen’s Sword 3084: 15 PDs
Huge Battle Fan: 10 PDs
Last Survivor: 1 PD
Red Sword: 8 PDs-15 PDs
Sealed J-Sword: 300 PDs
Tsumikiri J-Sword: 200 PDs
Zanba: 40 PDs


Asteron Belt: 10-15 PDs
Bamboo Spear: (40-50 PDs, added by Kanashimi)
Berdysh: 15 PDs
Brionac: 1 PD
Chameleon Scythe: (30 PDs, added by DZLE)
Gae Bolg: 1 PD
Imperial Pick: 10 PDs
Madam’s Parasol: 8 PDs
Madam’s Umbrella: 4 PDs
Maguwa: 1 PD
Nice Shot: 1 PD
Plantain Huge Fan: 22 PDs
Principal’s Gift Parasol: 6-10 PDs
Red Partisan: 10 PDs
Snake Spire: 1 PDs
Soul Banish: 25 PDs
Soul Eater: 3 PDs
Synthesizer: (2PDs added by zephryl)
Tree Clippers: (6-8PDs added by zephryl)
Vjaya: 1 PDs
Yunchang: 2-3 PDs

Double Sabers:

Black King Bar: (60 PDs, added by DZLE)
Demolition Comet: 8 PDs [BPD] / 15 PDs
Double Cannon: 160 PDs
Double Saber: 1 PDs
Girasole: 15 PDs
Meteor Cudgel: 8-15 PDs
Monkey King Bar: (10 PDs, verifyed by DZLE)
Partisan of Lightning: 10-15 PDs
Stag Cutlery: 1 PD
Twin Blaze: 8 PDs [BPD] / 15 PDs
Twin Brand: 3 PDs [BPD] / 5 PDs
Vivienne: (15 PDs [non-BPD], added by IPBJT!)

Twin Swords:

Asuka: (20-30 PDs, added by Lonegunman)
Grass Assassin’s Sabers: 1 PD
Musashi: 1 PD
Sange & Yasha: (20 PDs, added by DZLE),
Yamato: 1 PD
Jizai: 19 PDs


Diska of Braveman: 1 PDs
Diska of Liberator: 1 PD
Flight Cutter: 3-6 PDs
Flight Fan: 2-5 PDs
Izmaela: 10 PDs
Rainbow Baton: 50 PDs
Rappy’s Fan: 1 PD
Red Slicer: 2-8 PDs
Slicer of Assassin: 1 PD
Slicer of Fanatic: 8 PDs


Bravace: 1 PD
Custom Ray ver.00: 1 PD
Handgun:Guld: 350 PDs
Handgun:Milla: 5 PDs
Heaven Punisher: 200 PDs (need tek pic)
Heaven Striker: (40 PDs, added by MegamanEXE)
Last Swan: (8-10PDs, added by DZLE)
Master Raven: 5 PDs
Ophélie Seize: (10-15 PDs, added by IPBJT!)
Red Handgun: 3 PDs
Ruby Bullet: 10 PDs
Suppressed Gun: 1 PD
Tension Blaster: (Don't even bother trying to get your hands on one... In fact, if you see it, report it IMMEDIATELY TO A GM... their all hacked... don't even listen to that traderoom guy tell you "it was a glitch" or "I got it from a Chinese guy".... Report it IMMEDIATELY)
Varista: 1 PD
Yasminkov 2000H: (15-20, added by samuraizero07)


Angel Harp: (2-4 PDs average in between what I think and what kingofthezyx thinks, Ill debate and change this later)
Ano Rifle: 20 PDs
Anti Android Rifle: 10 PDs
Bringer’s Rifle: 25-30 PDs
Drill Launcher: (10 PDs, added by ZeroSimon)
Egg Blaster: 10-15 PDs(GOOD stats-Hit, Native, Dark)-5 PDs(Terrible stats, 0'd no hit, ETC)
Frozen Shooter: (5 PDs, recommendation by MegaManExe)
Holy Ray: 5 PDs
Justy-23ST: 1 PDs
RIANOV 303SNR: (1 PD, added by DZLE)
RIANOV 303SNR-1: (1 PD, added by DZLE)
RIANOV 303SNR-2: (4 PDs, added by DZLE)
RIANOV 303SNR-3: (2 PD, added by DZLE)
RIANOV 303SNR-4: (4 PD, added by DZLE)
RIANOV 303SNR-5: (15 PD, added by DZLE)
Snow Queen: 50 PDs+ Cost of Frozen Shooter
Tanegashima: 1 PD
Visk-235W: 1 PD
Wals-MK2: 1 PD
Yasminkov 3000R: 6 PDs [BPD] / 12 PDs
Yasminkov 7000V: 8 PDs [BPD] / 15 PDs


Ano Bazooka: 1 PD
Belra Cannon: 2 PDs
Burning Visit: 50+ PDs
Cannon Rouge: 8 PDs-12 PDs (0'd)
Flame Visit: 3 PDs
Gi Gue Bazooka: 20 PDs
Inferno Bazooka: 1 PD
Iron Faust: 20 PDs
Maser Beam: 1 PD
Meteor Rouge: 50 PDs
NUG2000-Bazooka: 8 PDs (0'd)
Panzer Faust: 5 PDs
Power Maser: 50 PDs
Rocket Punch: (10 PDs, added by ZeroSimon)


Guilty Light: 1 PD
Phonon Maser: (5 PDs, added by DZLE, edited by samuraizero07)
Photon Launcher: 1 PD
Red Scorpio: 2 PDs


Baranz Launcher: (30-40 PDs, added by craig9080)
Crush Bullet: 1 PD
Dark Meteor: (40 PDs added by DZLE)
L&K38 Combat: (10 PDs, added by DZLE)
Final Impact: 1 PD
Meteor Smash: 1 PD
Rambling May: (60 PDs+, added by Kanashimi, edited by Zephryl)


Spread Needle: 10PDs BPD(added by DZLE) / 15+ PDs


Dual Bird: 14 PDs
Guld Milla: (300 PDs, added by DZLE)
H&S25 Justice: 1 PD
L&K14 Combat: (1 PD, added by MegaManExe)
M&A60 Vise: 1 PD
Mille Marteaux: 180 PDs
Rage de Feu: (5-8 PDs, added by Lonegunman/Megamanexe)
Red Mechgun: 8 PDs
Samba Maracas: (50-100, added by Lonegunman)
Twin Psychogun: 5 PDs
Yasminkov 9000M: 6 PDs [BPD] / 20 PDs


Clio: 4 Pds
Club of Laconium: 1 PD
Club of Zumiuran: 1 PD
Mace of Adaman: 1 PD
Summit Moon: 10-12 PDs
Windmill: 2 PDs


Decalog: 1 PD
Earth Wand Brownie: (1-2 PDs [Casino], 4-5 PDs, added by Zephryl)
Fire Scepter:Agni: 1 PD
Ice Staff:Dagon: 1 PD
LOGiN: (10-20 PDs, added by Valitra)
Marina's Bag: (12 PDs, added by ZeroSimon)
Magical Piece: (55 PDs, added by Shintaun)
Plantain Fan: 25 PDs
Prophets of Motav: 150+ PDs
Storm Wand:Indra: 1 PD
Solferino: [unobtainable]
Technical Crozier: 2 PDs
The Sigh of a God: 5 PDs
Twinkle Star: 5 PDs


Alive Aqhu: 1 PD
Battle Verge: 1 PD
Branch of Pakupaku: (2-3 PDs, added by zephryl)
Brave Hammer: (2 PDs, added by shadowlord92)
Broom: (15 PDs, added by DZLE)
Caduceus: 10 PDs
Dark Bridge: 90 PDs
Demonic Fork: (50 PDs, added by zephryl)
Fatsia: 2 PDs
Glide Divine: (5-7 PDs, added by DZLE)
Hildebear’s Cane: 1 PD
Hildeblue’s Cane: 2 PDs
Mercurius Rod: (30 PDs, added by zephryl)
Plantain Leaf: 5 PDs
Psycho Wand: 300 PDs
Rabbit Wand: 1 PDs
Siren Glass Hammer: (100 PDs, added by mainevent, added by zephyrl)
Sorcerer’s Cane: (50 PDs, added by kingofthezyx/zephryl)
Striker of Chao: (4-5 PDs, added by Kanashimi, edited by zephryl)
Valkyrie: (6-8 PDs, added by Pukachi)


Amore Rose: (10 PDs, added by ZeroSimon)
Dancing Hitogata: (40 PDs, added by Mainevent)
Gal Wind: 10 PDs
Guardianna: 5 PDs
Hitogata: 35 PDs
Kan'ei Tsuho: 1-2 PDs
Kunai: (30 PDs, added by DZLE)
Mahu: 1 PD
Talis: 1 PD
All ID Cards: (60+ PDs, added by Kanashimi)

Defensive Equipments:

Alliance Uniform: 1 PD
Attribute Plate: 1 PD
Aura Field: 20 PDs
Black Hound Cuirass: (1-3 PDs, added by dreamermikee)
Black Odoshi Domaru: 1 PD
Black Odoshi Red Nimaidou: 3 PDs
Blue Odoshi Violet Nimaidou: 5 PDs
Brightness Circle: (15-20 PDs, added by dreamermikee)
Chu Chu Fever: (65PDs, added by me>_>)
Commander Uniform: 1 PD
Congeal Cloak: 1 PD
Crimson Coat: 1 PD
Cursed Cloak: 5 PDs
Custom Frame ver.00: 1 PD
D-Parts ver1.01: 2 PDs
D-Parts ver2.10: 6 PDs
DB’s Armor: 1 PDs
DF Field: 20 PDs
Dirty Life Jacket: (5PDs added by zephryl)
Dress Plate: (50 PDs, added by DZLE)
Electro Frame: 5 PDs
Flame Garment: 5 PDs
Flowen’s Frame: 2 PDs
Force Field: 2 PDs
Graviton Plate: 1 PD
Guard Wave: 10 PDs
Hunter Field: 2 PDs
Ignition Cloak: 2 PDs
Infantry Gear: 1 PD
Infantry Mantle: 1 PD
Lieutenant Gear: 1 PD
Lieutenant Mantle: 3 PD
Love Heart: 60 PDs
Luminous Field: 20 PDs
Morning Prayer: 2 PDs
MOTHER Garb: 8 PDs
MOTHER Garb+: 25 PDs
Officer Uniform: 1 PD
Parasite Wear:De Rol: 25 PDs
Parasite Wear:Nelgal: 45 PDs
Parasite Wear:Vajulla: 65 PDs
Ranger Field: 2 PDs
Red Coat: 1 PD
Red Odoshi Domaru: 2 PDs
Revival Cuirass: 5 PDs
Revival Garment: 2 PDs
Sacred Cloth: 5 PDs
Samurai Armor: (80 PDs, added by DZLE, edited by download/kingofthezyx)
Select Cloak: 1 PDs
Sense Plate: 3 PDs
Smoking Plate: 5 PDs [BPD] / 10 PDs
Spirit Cuirass: 5 PDs
Spirit Garment: (10 PDs, added by MegamanEXE, edite by .duce)
Star Cuirass: 2 PDs
Stealth Suit: (7 PDs, added by DZLE, edited by download/kingofthezyx)
Stink Frame: 5 PDs
Sweetheart: 90 PDs
Tempest Cloak: 2 PDs
Thirteen: 2 PDs
Union Field: (15 PDs, added by DZLE)
Virus Armor:Lafuteria: 85 PDs
Wedding Dress: (50 PDs, added by zephryl)


Support Merges: 2 PDs
Angel Ring: (40PDs, added by zephryl)
Attack Merges: 3 PDs
Attribute Wall: 3 PDs
Black Gear: (50 PDs, added by Ma_Navu)
Black Ring: 1 PD
Blue Ring: (20-40 PDs, added by zephryl)
Bunny Ears: 8 PDs
Bronze Weapons Shield: Unobtainable
Cat Ears: 8 PDs
Combat Gear: 1 PD
Custom Barrier ver.00: 1 PD
DB’s Shield: 2 PDs
De Rol Le Shield: 15 PDs
DF Shield: (99 PDs, added by craig9080)
Epsiguard: [unobtainable]
Flowen’s Shield: (5 PDs, added by Shopshopshop)
Force Wall: 2 PDs
From the Depths:(125 PDs, added by Lonegunman, edited by craig9080, edited by DZLE)
Genpei: (30 PDs, added by DZLE)
Gods Shield Byakko: (3-5 PDs, added by zephyrl)
Gods Shield Genbu: (3-5 PDs, added by zephyrl)
Gods Shield Kouryou: (25+ PDs, added by Shintaun, zephryl)
Gods Shield Seiryu: (3-5 PDs, added by Shintaun)
Gods Shield Suzaku: (3-5 PDs, added by zephyrl)
Gold Weapons Shield: Unobtainable
Gratia: (2 [BPD] / 4 PDs, added by Kingofthezyx, shopshopshop, and ZeroSimon)
Green Ring:
Honeycomb Reflector: (70-100PDs, added by zephryl)
Hunter Wall: 2 PDs
Invisible Guard: (5PDs, added by MegaManEXE)
Kasami Bracer: 5 PDs [BPD] / 15 PDs
Light Relief: 3 PDs
Proto Regenerate Gear: 1 PD
Purple Ring: 1 PD
Ragol Ring: 20 PDs
Ranger Wall: 4 PDs
Red Ring (ONLY DEF: 150, EVA: 232 ARE NOT HACKED): (400-500 PDs, added by Lonegunman/edited by craig9080/edited by ZeroSimon)
Regenerate Gear: 2 PDs
Regenerate Gear Advanced: 2 PDs
Regenerate Gear B.P.: 7 PDs
Rico’s Earring: 20-25 PDs (added by zephyrl)
Rico’s Glasses: 20 PDs (added by zephyrl)
Rupika: (20-30 PDs, added by shopshopshop)
S-Parts ver1.16: 2 PDs
S-Parts ver2.01: 20 PDs
Sacred Guard: 5 PDs
Safety Heart: (55 PDs, added by MegaManEXE)
Secret Gear: (2 PDs, added by DZLE)
Secure Feet: 3 PDs [BPD] / 8 PDs
Shield of Delsaber: 2 PDs
Silver Weapons Shield: Unobtainable
Standstill Shield: 6 PDs [BPD] / 12 PDs
Stink Shield: (3 PDs, added by dreamermikee)
Striker Plus: 3 PDs
Three Seals: (120-150 PDs, added by Zephyrl)
Tripolic Reflector: 10 PDs
Tripolic Shield: 8 PDs [BPD] / 15 PDs
Union Guard: (1 PD, added by ZeroSimon)
White Ring: Unobtainable
Yata Mirror: (1-2 PDs, added by Zero Simon)
Yellow Ring: No clue what to price it


Centurion/Ability: 6 PDs
Cure/Confuse: 3 PDs
Cure/Freeze: 4 PDs
Cure/Paralysis: 3 PDs
Cure/Poison: 1 PD
Cure/Shock: 3 PDs
Cure/Slow: (1 PD, added by DZLE)
Divine Protection: 1 PD
Friend Ring:
God/Ability: 3 PDs
God/Arm: 3 PDs
God/Battle: 2 PDs
God/Body: 1 PD
God/HP: 3 PD
God/Legs: 1 PD
God/Luck: 1 PD
God/Mind: 2 PDs
God/Power: 3 PDs
God/TP: 1 PD
God/Technique: (3 PDs, added by zehpyrl, Shopshopshop, Kanashimi)
HP/Revival: 1 PD
HP/Resurrection: (10 PDs, added by DZLE)
Heavenly/Ability: 4 PDs
Heavenly/Arms: 4 PDs
Heavenly/Battle: 6 PDs
Heavenly/Body: 1 PD
Heavenly/HP: (3PDs, added by DZLE)
Heavenly/Legs: 1 PD
Heavenly/Luck: 1 PDs
Heavenly/Mind: 3 PDs
Heavenly/Power: 5 PDs
Heavenly Resist: (6PDs, added by DZLE)
Heavenly Technique: (10PDs, added by DZLE)
Heavenly/TP: (2PDs, added by DZLE)
Hero/Ability: 1 PD
Limiter / Adept: (20 PDs, added by DZLE. edited by mystikal08/kingofthezyx) / (40-45 PDs added by kingofthezyx, edited by IPBJT!)
PB/Create: 2 PDs
PB/Increase: (15 PDs, added by DZLE)
Perfect/Resist: 3 PDs
SmartLink: 5 PDs
Swordsman Lore / Proof of Sword-Saint: (5 PDs / 20 PDs), added by ZeroSimon
TP/Revival: 1 PD
TP/Resurrection: (10 PDs, added by DZLE)
V101: 30 PDs
V501: 3 PDs
V502: 8-10 PDs
V801: 8 PDs
Yasakani Magatama: 1 PD


Amplifiers: 1-2 PDs
AddSlot: 0.5-1 PD
Belra’s Right Arm: 2 PDs
Berill Photon: 20 PDs
Blue-black Stone: 50 PDs
Book of Hitogata: (5 PDs, added by Kanashimi, edited by Crate3333, Battousai94, MegaManEXE)
Booma’s Right Arm: 1 PD
Bringer’s Right Arm: 30 PDs
Bronze Badge: 2 PDs
Christmas Present: 10 PDs
Cladding of Epsilon:
Delsaber’s Left Arm: 1 PD
Delsaber’s Right Arm: 3 PDs
De Rol Le's Shell: (12PDs, added by Switch, edited by DZLE)
Dragon’s Claw: 1 PD
Easter Egg: 10 PDs
Gal Gryphon’s Wing: 10 PDs
Gi Gue’s Body: 20 PDs
Gigobooma’s Right Arm: (1 PD, added by fakestar)
Gobooma’s Right Arm: 1 PD
Gold Badge: 15 PDs
Grass Assassin’s Arms: 1 PD
Hildebear’s Head: 1 PD
Hildeblue’s Head: 1 PD
Jack-O’-Lantern: 15 PDs
Magic Rock “Moola”: 10 PD
Magic Rock “Heart Key”: 50 PDs
Magic Stone “Iritista”: 70 PDs
Magic Water: 20 PDs
Pan Arms’s Arms: 1 PDs
Parasitic Cell Type D: 20 PDs
Parasitic Gene Flow: (100-130 PDs, added by Malakyte, edited by DZLE)
Parts of Baranz: (30 PDs, added by dreamermikee)
Parts of Egg Blaster: 10 PDs
Photon Booster: 50 PDs
Photon Crystal: 2 PDs
Photon Sphere: 80/90 (estimate, w/ proof, from trusted forum members only)
Rappy’s Wing: 1 PD
Silver Badge: 7 PDs
Sinow Berill’s Arms: 5 PDs
Sorcerer’s Right Arm: (45 PDs, added by Zephryl)
Sinow Beat’s Arms: 1 PD
Sinow Red’s Arms: (30-40 PDs, added by Phaeon)
Star Amplifier: 5 PDs
Syncesta: (60-80 PDs, added by Lonegunman and MegamanEXE)

Easter Items:

Amore Rose: (10 PDs, added by ZeroSimon)
Drill Launcher: (8-10 PDs, added by ZeroSimon)
Huge Battle Fan: 13 PDs
Marina's Bag: (12 PDs, added by ZeroSimon)
Panther’s Claw: 10 PDs
Rocket Punch: (8-10 PDs, added by ZeroSimon)
Sonic Knuckle: (10 PDs, added by ZeroSimon)
Wok of Akiko's shop: (8-10 PDs, added by Zero Simon, corrected by Ma_Navu)

Christmas Items:


Power Materials: 1 PD for 5 Power Materials
Def Materials: 1 PD for 10 Def Materials
Mind Materials: 1 PD for 5 Mind Materials
Evade Materials: 1 PD for 10 Evade Materials
Luck Materials: 1 PD for 1 Luck Material
HP Materials: 1 PD for 2 HP Materials
TP Materials: 1 PDs for 1/2 TP Materials (added by Kanashimi, edite again by Crate3333)

Technique Disks:

Level 15 Techniques: 0.5-1 PD
Level 20 Techniques: (1 PD, added by zephyrl)
Level 29 Techniques: 2 PDs
Level 30 Resta-(2-5 PDs, added by Kingofthezyx)
Level 30 Support Technique Disk: 3-7 PDs (added by Kingofthezyx)
Level 30 Attack Technique Disks: (20-40PDs (depends on usefulness), added by Kanashimi and Kingofthezyx)
Level 7 Anti: 5-6 PDs
Level 29/30 Grants or Megid: (Uber, persay, 50-100, added by Kanashimi)

Mags: Added by whatah

Premade mag "poorly made" - 5-10 pds
Premade 4th evo - 15-25 pds
Custom non rare mag - 15-35 pds
Custom 4th evo mag - 20-30 pds
[Note: CUSTOM Mag makers beware! Messing up the stats by a few points will reduce the value by 2 PDs per point messed up]
Nonrare max stat - 20-35 pds
Premade celled mag - 15-35 pds + magcell cost
Custom celled mag - 20-35 pds + magcell cost or magcell provided
Nonrare max stat "only made by banking" mag: 30-50 pds

Other Mag info: Added by other users other than Watah>.<
Garuda with 5 defence/0 mind with twin and pilla as 6 pd- 10 pds (added by fakestar)
Kama with 5 defence/0mind with twin and pilla as 6 pd- 10 pds (added by fakestar)

Sato: 25 PDs

Mag Cells: (Prices added by Watah) VERY HIGH DEMAND FOR THESE

Cell of Mag 213 (10-15 PDs)
Cell of Mag 502 (10 PDs)
Heart of Angel (40 PDs)
Heart of Chao (10-15 PDs)
Heart of Chu Chu (10-15 PDs)
Heart of Devil (40 PDs)
Heart of KAPU KAPU (10-15 PDs)
Heart of Opa Opa (10-15 PDs)
Heart of Pian (10-15 PDs)
Kit of Hamburger (10-15 PDs)
Panther Spirit (10-15 PDs)
Parts of RoboChao (10-15 PDs)

System Cells:

Kit of Dreamcast (5 PDs)
Kit of Genesis (5 PDs)
Kit of Mark 3 (7-10 PDs)
Kit of SEGA SATURN (5 PDs)
Yahoo engine (30-35)

Special Rares:

Ameite's Memo (50-60 PDs)
Dragon Scale (35-40 PDs, added by KM8K)
D Photon Core (50-70 PDs)
Heart of Moro (25-35 PDs, watah's price) (35-60, Patch's price)
Heavenly Striker Coat: 1 PD
Liberta Kit (40 PDs)- DEPENDS ON DEMAND
Pioneer Parts: (35 PDs, added by dreamermikee, edited again by Watah)
Rappy's Beak: (1 PD, literally, rappy mags go for much less than the standard mag)
Tablet (50-60 PDs)


10 Grinders: 1PD
999,999 Meseta: 4PDs

Scape Dolls: Added by mystikal08

1PD=10 Scape Dolls (You can farm these at TL/2, 1 player, A New Hope Quest)


(PREMADE Ep1/Ep2, 40-60 PDs added by Lonegunman/Crate3333)
(CUSTOM Ep1/Ep2, 60-80 PDs added by locafoca)
EP1 S-ranks:

EP2 S-ranks:


TypeM weapons: (15-25 PDs, added by Morino_Ibiki)


Non-rare: (Added by ZeroSimon)

50 hit non-rare weapons - 3PDs
45 hit non-rare


Government Quests:

25 hit Dragon Slayer 1 pd.
25 hit Cross Scar 1 pd.
25 hit Diska of Braveman 1 pd.
50 hit photon claw 1 pd.
40 hit Vjaya 10-15 pds.
30 hit Yamato 3-8 pds?


25 hit Justy-23ST 1 pd.
25 hit L&K 14 Combat 1 pd.
25 hit Final Impact 1 pd.
50 hit Wals-MK2 2 pds.
40 hit Meteor Smash 1-2 pds?
30 hit Guilty Light 1 pd.


50 hit Double Saber 10-15 pds.
40 hit Brave Hammer 1 pd.
30 hit Mahu 3-5 pds?

Enemy Weapons w/ hit%s:

Rappy Fan:
Booma's Claw:
Gobooma's Claw:
Gigobooma's Claw:
G-Assasin's Saber:
P-arm's Blade:
S-Beat's Blade:
S-Red's Blade:
Baranz Launcher:
Delsaber's Buster:
Bringer's Rifle:
Berril S-Berill's Hands #0:
Belra Cannon:
Dragon's Claw:
Gal Wind:
Gi Gue Bazooka:


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