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For a complete list use /help in-game or for info on a command use /help command

You can send private messages to players or Operators online with the following:
@ - to send a certain player a private message
# - to send a message to all operators online
/about - Allows you to see the info about a block (type, location)
/abort - Cancels /about, /cuboid, and /replace
/afk - Set yourself to AFK (away from keyboard) or back with a reason if required (eg /afk Lunch). You can also use /afk list to show all afk players
/advbuilder - Set a player to advanced builder
/ban - Ban a player by name (they are not kicked but have no effect on blocks)
/banip - IP ban by IP or the name of a connected player
/banned - Show the banned list
/bannedip - Show the banned IP list
/bind - Bind a block to another block for building (eg /bind stone water). Block type 1 must be a place-able block and block type 2 a special block.
/builder - Set a player to builder rank
/cuboid - Create a solid cuboid with the held block or set block between the two set opposite corners (eg /cuboid solid or /cuboid brick walls). Types include walls (four lateral sides), hollow (all six sides), and solid.
/color - Set the color of a player’s name or list all colors if a name is not given (eg /color red)
/goto – Go to another map by name (eg /goto main)
/guest - Set a player to guest
/help - Show a list of available commands or use /help to find more information on a specific command
/hide - Become invisible or visible to other players (buggy)
/info - Shows info about MCSharp
/kick - Kick a player by name
/kickban - Kick and ban a player by name
/lava - Enable/Disable static lava building mode (any block placed becomes static lava)
/levels - Shows a list of levels on the server that are loaded and not loaded
/mapinfo - Shows the details for the current map
/me – Used for roleplaying (eg /me was incinerated by his best friend, the Companion Cube)
/newlvl - Create a new flat level (eg /newlvl myLevel 128 64 128 grass)
/op - Set a player to Op by name (you can de-op by changing them to another rank)
/ops - Shows a list of Operators
/paint - Enable/disable paint mode
/players - Shows a list of players online
/physics <#> - Set the physics mode for the current level (0=off, 1=on, 2=advanced)
/replace - Works like /cuboid but replaces blocks with another block in a set area (eg /replace stone adminium)
/resetbot - Attempt to restart IRC bot
/restore - Restore current map to a revision by number, no number returns the last revision number.
/rules - Displays the server rules (you can also send the rules to a certain player with /rules )
/save - Save the current level (automatically saved every 2 minutes anyway)
/say - Send a server message
/setspawn - Set the spawn for the current level
/solid - Enable/disable solid building mode (any block placed becomes adminium)
/spawn - Teleport to spawn location
/summon - Teleport a player to you
/time - Displays the server time
/tp - Teleport to a player
/unban - Unban a player by name
/unbanip - Unban an IP
/unload - Unload a map
/water - Enable/disable static water building mode (any block placed becomes static water)
/whois - Show details on a connected player
/whowas - Show details on a recently disconnected player


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