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 Holic Stuf - Color Text - Quest Faqs & SHIT !!!

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[@FC=0xFFFFFF00;@] <- Yellow Color

Chat Commands & TIPS under all color codes



Color Text here !!! Color BBC Codes

1.Copy code from below

2.In game press Enter to start typing on chat now hold left ctrl and press V nothing will apear but when u type ur text will get certian color

!!! REMEBER !!! u need to copy whole code
example > [@FC=0xFFF0F8FF;@] yes WITH [ ] marks

aliceblue- [@FC=0xFFF0F8FF;@]
antiquewhite- [@FC=0xFFFAEBD7;@]
agua- [@FC=0xFF00FFFF;@]
aquamarine- [@FC=0xFF7FFFD4;@]
azure- [@FC=0xFFF0FFFF;@]
beige- [@FC=0xFFF5F5DC;@]
bisque- [@FC=0xFFFFE4DC;@]
black- [@FC=0xFF000000;@]
blanchedalmond- [@FC=0xFFFFEBCD;@]
blue- [@FC=0xFF0000FF;@]
blue violet- [@FC=0xFF8A2BE2;@]
brown- [@FC=0xFFA52A2A;@]
burlywood- [@FC=0xFFDEB887;@]
cadet blue- [@FC=0xFF5F9EA0;@]
chartreuse- [@FC=0xFF7FFF00;@]
chocolate- [@FC=0xFFD2691E;@]
coral- [@FC=0xFFFF7F50;@]
cornflower blue- [@FC=0xFF6495ED;@]
cornsilk- [@FC=0xFFFFF8DC;@]
crimson- [@FC=0xFFDC143C;@]
cyan- [@FC=0xFF00FFFF;@]
dark blue- [@FC=0xFF00008B;@]
dark cyan- [@FC=0xFF008B8B;@]
dark goldenrod- [@FC=0xFFB8860B;@]
dark gray- [@FC=0xFFA9A9A9;@]
dark green- [@FC=0xFF006400;@]
dark khaki- [@FC=0xFFBDB76B;@]
dark magenta- [@FC=0xFF8B008B;@]
dark olivegreen- [@FC=0xFF556B2F;@]
dark orange- [@FC=0xFFFF8C00;@]
dark orchid- [@FC=0xFF9932CC;@]
dark red- [@FC=0xFF8B0000;@]
dark salmon- [@FC=0xFFE9967A;@]
dark seagreen- [@FC=0xFF8FBC8F;@]
dark slateblue- [@FC=0xFF483D8B;@]
dark slategray- [@FC=0xFF2F4F4F;@]
dark turquoise- [@FC=0xFF00BFFF;@]
dark violet- [@FC=0xFF9400D3;@]
deep pink- [@FC=0xFFFF1493;@]
deep skyblue- [@FC=0xFF00BFFF;@]
dim gray- [@FC=0xFF696969;@]
dodger blue- [@FC=0xFF1E90FF;@]
firebrick- [@FC=0xFFB22222;@]
floral white- [@FC=0xFFFFFAF0;@]
forest green- [@FC=0xFF228B22;@]
fuchsia- [@FC=0xFFFF00FF;@]
gainsboro- [@FC=0xFFDCDCDC;@]
ghost white- [@FC=0xFFF8F8FF;@]
gold- [@FC=0xFFFFD700;@]
goldenrod- [@FC=0xFFDAA520;@]
gray- [@FC=0xFF808080;@]
green- [@FC=0xFF008000;@]
green-yellow [@FC=0xFFADFF2F;@]
honeydew- [@FC=0xFFF0FFF0;@]
hotpink- [@FC=0xFFFF69B4;@]
indian red- [@FC=0xFFCD5C5C;@]
indigo- [@FC=0xFF4B0082;@]
ivory- [@FC=0xFFFFFFF0;@]
khaki- [@FC=0xFFF0E68C;@]
lavender- [@FC=0xFFE6E6FA;@]
levender blush- [@FC=0xFFFFF0F5;@]
lawngreen- [@FC=0xFF7CFC00;@]
lemon chiffon- [@FC=0xFFFFFACD;@]
light blue- [@FC=0xFFADD8E6;@]
light coral- [@FC=0xFFF08080;@]
light cyan- [@FC=0xFFE0FFFF;@]
light goldenrodyellow- [@FC=0xFFFAFAD2;@]
light green- [@FC=0xFF90EE90;@]
light grey- [@FC=0xFFD3D3D3;@]
light pink- [@FC=0xFFFFB6C1;@]
light salmon- [@FC=0xFFFFA07A;@]
light seagreen- [@FC=0xFF20B2AA;@]
light skyblue- [@FC=0xFF87CEFA;@]
light slategray- [@FC=0xFF778899;@]
light steelblue- [@FC=0xFFB0C4DE;@]
light yellow- [@FC=0xFFFFFFE0;@]
lime- [@FC=0xFF00FF00;@]
linen- [@FC=0xFFFAF0E6;@]
magenta- [@FC=0xFFFF00FF;@]
maroon- [@FC=0xFF800000;@]
medium aquamarine- [@FC=0xFF66CDAA;@]
medium blue- [@FC=0xFF0000CD;@]
medium orchid- [@FC=0xFFBA55D3;@]
medium purple- [@FC=0xFF9370DB;@]
medium seagreen- [@FC=0xFF3CB371;@]
medium slateblue- [@FC=0xFF7B68EE;@]
medium springgreen- [@FC=0xFF00FA9A;@]
medium turquoise- [@FC=0xFF48D1CC;@]
medium violetred- [@FC=0xFFCD1585;@]
midnight blue- [@FC=0xFF191970;@]
mintcream- [@FC=0xFFF5FFFA;@]
mistyrose- [@FC=0xFFFFE4E1;@]
moccasin- [@FC=0xFFFFE4B5;@]
navajo white- [@FC=0xFFFFDEAD;@]
navy- [@FC=0xFF000080;@]
oldlace- [@FC=0xFFFDF5E6;@]
olive- [@FC=0xFF808000;@]
olive drab- [@FC=0xFF6B8E23;@]
orange- [@FC=0xFFFFA500;@]
orange red- [@FC=0xFFFF4500;@]
orchid- [@FC=0xFFDA70D6;@]
pale goldenrod- [@FC=0xFFEEE8AA;@]
pale green- [@FC=0xFF98FB98;@]
pale turquoise- [@FC=0xFFAFEEEE;@]
pale violetred- [@FC=0xFFDB7093;@]
papaya whip- [@FC=0xFFFFEFD5;@]
peachpuff- [@FC=0xFFFFDAB9;@]
peru- [@FC=0xFFCD853F;@]
pink- [@FC=0xFFFFC0CB;@]
plum- [@FC=0xFFDDA0DD;@]
powder blue- [@FC=0xFFB0E0E6;@]
purple- [@FC=0xFF800080;@]
red- [@FC=0xFFFF0000;@]
rosy brown- [@FC=0xFFBC8F8F;@]
royal blue- [@FC=0xFF4169E1;@]
saddle brown- [@FC=0xFF8B4513;@]
salmon- [@FC=0xFFFA8072;@]
sandybrown- [@FC=0xFFF4A460;@]
sea green- [@FC=0xFF2E8B57;@]
seashel-l [@FC=0xFFFFF5EE;@]
sienna- [@FC=0xFFA0522D;@]
silver- [@FC=0xFFC0C0C0;@]
skyblue -[@FC=0xFF87CEEB;@]
slate blue- [@FC=0xFF6A5ACD;@]
slate gray- [@FC=0xFF708090;@]
snow- [@FC=0xFFFFFAFA;@]
spring green- [@FC=0xFF00FF7F;@]
steel blue- [@FC=0xFF4682B4;@]
tan- [@FC=0xFFD2B48C;@]
teal- [@FC=0xFF008080;@]
thistle- [@FC=0xFFD8BFD8;@]
tomato- [@FC=0xFFFF6347;@]
turquoise- [@FC=0xFF40E0D0;@]
violet- [@FC=0xFFEE82EE;@]
wheat -[@FC=0xFFF5DEB3;@]
white- [@FC=0xFFFFFFFF;@]
white smoke- [@FC=0xFFF5F5F5;@]
yellow- [@FC=0xFFFFFF00;@]
yellow green- [@FC=0xFF9ACD32;@]

Chat Commands

Tap Enter to use the chat function.
Chat commands:
/f = search party
/p = party chat
/e = trade
/n = normal chat
! = shout
/w ID = whisper
NOTE: There is a 10 second gap between each line for Trade or Search Party chat.


1. Press F2 to meditate and regenerate your HP!

2. At level 10, you can do a quest and get the ability to have a second class. It can be ANY class, and you can change your main class and secondary class any time. Each class will have its own exp bar, and the class with the lower level with get double exp!

3. You can get a pet by doing a quest at level 12 and another one at level 30. There are other pets available in the nCash shop.
_ You can level your pet (aside from training) by turning in Skins of Restoration and Restoration Metals! So don't NPC them or throw them away.

4. To add/accept a friend:
Player A adds player B from friendlist.
Player B will get a flashing Icon at the top right corner.
Click on that Icon, the text �ID wants to add you as a friend� will appear.
Click on the text to add.

5. Trading tip:
If you start a trade, do NOT hit confirm after you put in the item. WAIT for the other player to put in their stuff and confirm before hitting confirm yourself.

If you put in the items and then click confirm without seeing a confirmation from the other end, it is like saying "Here's my item. Pay me whatever you like!" which is NOT a good idea.

6. - You can choose your Faction (Primus Union or Ganav Libero) at level 20. After you have chosen a faction, you will be able to join or create a guild. You cannot change your faction, so be cautious when choosing.

7. You can get a mount by doing a quest at level 20.

8. To take Screenshots, press F12 (you might want to press F8 first to hide the Interface). The screenshots will be saved in the Holic Folder in your User's Document folder.


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Holic Stuf - Color Text - Quest Faqs & SHIT !!!
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